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My specialities are the following:  Operating Systems, Networking, Utilities, Deployment and Implementations, System/Business Analysis, Project Mgmt, QA, Custom Development and Office tools. 

Basically love to solve people's worst computer nightmares.  In reality, I like to help where I can!

Summary and Detailled Resumes available below.
Basically, I am an IT geek, specilizing in operating systems, networking, utilities, system/business analysis, project management, implementations/deployments and office automation tools.   I have experience in other software/hardware architectures. Helping where ever possible - one stop shopping.

Don't consider me overqualified,
consider qualified with experience!  
Linkedin Profile:  ​​​​​ https://ca.linkedin.com/in/henrywestbrook ​​
Summ ​​ary CV: ​​​​​​​​​​ HenrySummary_Latest.pdf
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Detailed CV:  ​​​​​​ HRWResume_20170419.pdf